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Goodbye, Grandpa


I sat at your feet
I heard your heart beat
All throughout Sellersville
you journeyed with me

A plain man, but filled with wisdom
slowly worked out in your mind
Shared sparingly but with purpose
with those who would take the time

A balance in all things
you found and you sought
This modus operandi
transcends most mortal men's thoughts
A timeless principle
from which order is wrought
and cools the sage heart
before tempers grow too hot.

I want so bad to be like you
to think in the same forms
to enjoy the world in that peculiar way of yours
and to be patient amid the storms

At your best you were fearless
and visionary, you led
church and family to the best paths
as your Lord you followed.

At your latest, in your weakness,
it was hard for us to see
but your contentment was unconquerable
not resigned to fate, but hoping in the Unseen

I know where you are, though I struggle and doubt,
at the Father's feet you now sit.
To take in His Wisdom, to hear His Pure Word,
At last beginning to comprehend It.

I will miss our talks here though
your kind and humble mind is not easily replaced
In my heart I cherish a legacy you left
to me directly, in our intimacy, face to face.

Your public life is one to boast of
as much as mortal men ought to boast
In this I am proud to be called your grandson!
Your name makes me feel better off than most.
Those who met you heard of Jesus
Those whom you ran to save heard freedom
Those who listened close heard worship
And those who took it to heart joined in the same

The deeds you did the words you said
I won't regret talking about either
But you knew well, and so do I
That the praise ought not return thither

God rescued you by his omniscient grace
He prepared the way before you
You came at his call, you gave Him your all
Because his power was working for you

God, give to me this anointing please!
though I surely don't deserve it!
But neither did my Grandpa,
By your love, please don't reserve it!

I am lost without You, grandpa or no
and I can't live without your grace
Move in me as you did in him
until we both enjoy the light of your face.


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