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Jesus Knew


Jesus knew.

He knew how big a disappointment I would be. And he died for me anyway.

He knew me, and he died for me, making a way for me to be less of a disappointment in this life than I might have been without his love.

He knew me and died for me, so he could include me in a Divine Project of Salvation that would never fail or disappoint anyone. He established me, for all of my disappointing-ness, as a key part of this project, an indispensable and effective member of His Body through faith.

He knew me in the deepest depths of eternity past, and then died for me, sealing my destiny so that one day I, on my own an incredible disappointment to any who look to me, would through Him be made new and whole and perfectly me, just the way God wants me to be, never to disappoint anyone ever again.

Thank you, Jesus, for your love. All my hope is in you.


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